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Postby deadly » Fri Jul 07, 2017 11:40 am

So the season build up begins in earnest tomorrow against a Fulham side made up mostly from their under 23's squad.
A stern task to start off with, as no doubt the Fulham team will be chock full of talent.

Match preview:
http://www.wealdstone-fc.com/2017/posts ... sat-8-jul/

Quite what to expect from this game I am not too sure, but hopefully not too many team changes throughout the match would be sensible I feel.
It would be good indeed if this time around a match-fit and settled side can be in place by the time of the first league match.
We need to hit the ground running.
With the addition of two play-off places up for grabs, though, there will be a bit more wiggle room this time around at the end of the season.

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