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Nice choice for FoW, FGW!
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Ticking over nicely, ... ealdstone/ - those who have pledged monies, but have yet to make the actual donation, please do so ASAP

Anyone want to know more just ask either on here or at Saturday's game away to Gloucester City.

Alan H
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Pledges/donations down to a trickle over the past 10-15 days, due I guess to what has been happening off the field............

A reminder, the chairman has said the proceeds from this fundraiser will go into the playing budget so come on boys and girls don't be shy ... ealdstone/
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Ladies and Gents, boys and girls. time to give this fundraiser another push.........

The cunning plan is to include a short citation for each player who is nominated on the website Roll of Honour - an example for the A to C folk below gives a flavour of what is intended:-

Percy Andrews - 1910-1914 97 Appearances 59 goals, 5 hat-tricks Including 3 in consecutive league games in 1911 at Wealdstone and previously with Wealdstone Church Athletic. Captained both sides and was also an accomplished local cricketer. Died of Bronchial Pneumonia serving with the Royal Naval Air Service in France in The Great War.

Ryan Ashe - 2007-2010 Appearance 140 (12) Goals 44 Outstanding goal-poaching midfield player who memorably scored 2 brilliant goals in an FA Cup tie against Rotherham.

Kenneth Baldwin - 1937-1945 - 120 appearances 68 goals inc 5 hat-tricks including 3 in consecutive matches in 1940. He was a Chelsea Amateur and England Schoolboy International. Wounded in WW2, he returned home to recuperate and played for the club five times before returning to action, where he was killed in Germany in March 1945

Gordon Bartlett - 1995-2017 - The club’s longest serving and finest manager who in his 22 year stint at the club won 2 championships, achieved 4 promotions and a run to the FA Trophy semi-final. During his time at the club he unearthed and developed several players who moved on up the football ladder to enjoy pro careers.

Allen Batsford - 1980-83 The hugely successful ex-Walton & Hersham and Wimbledon manager was recruited in1980 to turn around a struggling team. This he did in spades, despite suffering relegation, and put in place a team that went on to enjoy the most successful period in the club’s history.

Jermaine Beckford - 2002-2006 Appearances 78 (44), Goals 62 - An outrageously talented product of the club’s youth set up, Jermaine was sold to Leeds United from where he went on to enjoy a fruitful pro- career. Fondly remembered by Stones fans for getting lost driving to away matches or turning up at the wrong grounds.

Charles J F Bellchambers -1899-1902 Full records are unknown but Charles played at least 24 times as a Goalkeeper for the club. His father William and younger brother Ernest also played for the club and after his playing career he became an official of the club involved in its running.
He was killed in the Battle of Poelcapelle in October 1917.

Robert William Bidewell - 1937-1944 37 Appearances 15 goals - Robert was a half-back who featur3ed for the club as a young player pre-war and subsequently when on home leave. He was killed when ambushed during the allied advance to the Rhine in 1944

Charles Henry Bird 1 - 1911 Half-back Charles made a single first team appearance for the club in 1911 but had also appeared for other local sides. He was killed in the final Battle of Mons in November 1918. His younger brother was also killed in The Great War.

Henry J Bowell - 1905-1908 Full records are unknown but inside forward Henry (known as Harry) played at least 37 times for the club, scoring 17 goals. He is one of the players that was involved in both the demise of Wealdstone FC in 1905, the resurgence under the Wealdstone Church Athletic banner and also remained with the newly re-formed Wealdstone FC in 1908. A Printers Wharehouseman, he re-joined the 7th Northants at the start of The Great War and was killed in action in September 1915

Russell William Bradberry - Russell was a Club Officer in the early 1900’s prior to the Great War though he never made a first team appearance for the club. He had featured in the Reserves and played for other local sides and was the brother of Thomas Bradberry who was Wealdstone goalkeeper for a number of seasons. He died of fever serving in France during the Great War.

Bernie Bremer - 1963-1970 Appearances 285 (2), Goals 96 -A talented winger who developed into a beautifully balanced and skilful midfield player, Bernie scored 1 of the goals in the Amateur Cup Final triumph of 1966 and was the last member of that team to leave the club

Micky Brown - 1971-1973 Appearances 79. Goals 38 - The ex-Fulham, Millwall and Colchester striker was the outstanding signing of the club’s first dismal semi-pro season in 1971. A gifted entertainer.

Steve Browne - 1988-1989, 1989-1991,1994-1995 Appearances, 120 (8) Goals 30, A gifted right winger who drifted in and out of the club. Unplayable on his day and should have played regularly in a higher standard.

Charlie Bunce1936-40 Appearances 143, Goals 174 - Centre forward and captain who held the club goal-scoring record (54 goals in 1939/40) for 34 years. Tragically died a prisoner of war in 1943

William Burton - Forward William Burton made one known appearance for Wealdstone in 1920, failing to score against Willesden Town. Still known at the club, he was killed as a civilian by enemy action when a bomb fell on Queens Park Station in Kilburn in 1940

Tim Buzaglo 1994-1995, 1996 Appearances 33 (7), Goals 21 - An FA Cup legend through his goal-scoring exploits at Woking, Tim joined the club at the end of his career and demonstrated genuine fox in the box quality. Sadly his career was finished through injury.

Billy Byrne 1972-1977 Appearances 243 (6), Goals 72 - A complete centre forward, skilful on the ground and brilliant in the air. Provided the perfect foil for goal-poacher supreme, George Duck. Covered at centre half at times and prematurely retired at 26.

Andy Carter -2001-05 Appearances 201, Goals 0 - Wonderfully athletic and reliable goalkeeper for 4 seasons. Might have represented England but for being vertically challenged

Martin Carter -2001-2005, 2010 Appearances 162 (9), Goals 7 - Despite the potential handicap of possessing no discernible legs, Martin’s touch, vision, anticipation and passing ability made him a star performer either in midfield or as a sweeper. Retired through injury in 2005, but returned for 1 very brief hurrah in 2010

Lee Chappell -2005-2006, 2006,2013 Appearances 361 (26), Goals 31 - A chirpy “Jack the lad” character who joined as a young central defender from Cheshunt susceptible to the odd ricket, but went on to develop into a talented and energetic left wing back. A very popular player.

Alan Cordice - 1980-1989 Appearances 312 (12), Goals 98 - Joined in 1980 from Norwich as a lightening quick but erratic winger. Converted into a roaming centre forward so successfully that he became an established England semi-professional international. The attacking fulcrum point of the club’s most successful ever period

Neil Cordice - 1979-87 & 1991-94 Appearances 414 (49), Goals 102 - Joined as a young, rampaging centre forward with a ferocious if unreliable shot (one close in effort at Wycombe is reported to be still circling the planet). Later played with distinction in midfield and finally central defence. A magnificent club servant

William Henry Cozens - 1895 – 1909 - Primarily a winger or inside forward, William was a former Club Captain who made at least 66 appearances though records at that time are incomplete. He is known to have scored 13 goals and played alongside older and younger brothers at each end of his career. He was Killed in Action on 21st March 1918 aged 41 in the Battle of St Quentin at Shepherd’s Copse, an early battle in the German Spring Offensive.

Sean Cronin 2010-2015 Appearances 212(10), Goals 23 - The big, popular Welshman joined from Neath having moved to London to take up a teaching post. Formed a formidable defensive partnership with Wes Parker and became a penalty taker specialist by aiming his spot kicks directly at the opposing goalkeeper’s head.

So, if you would like to be part of this get over to ... ealdstone/ to make your donation

Many thanks

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Andy Carter is Welsh isn't he????
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