It's just clicked .. pool chairman blog

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It's just clicked .. pool chairman blog

Postby right foot » Tue Sep 12, 2017 7:38 pm

I have just read the pool chairmans blog, after reading it the penny dropped ... I think we have cracked the code in our current squad formation play.. if the boys can stay fit!!! If they keep the work rate at high tempo they will win more than loose that's for sure! One thing to remember is, at the moment teams are expecting to hammer us and take an easy three points with our track record this season. So, how will we set our team up when the teams in our league get the message that we are a force to be dealt with... when they start sending there scouts to watch our every move? Parking the bus at every opportunity when we play sides! So what do we have a squad that can attack at every scenario ?
Sorry but on nights at the mo and have way too much time on my hands thinking about Wealdstone. Lol
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