Our huge mid-table opportunity

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Our huge mid-table opportunity

Postby Syd_Stone » Mon Nov 06, 2017 3:07 pm

Greetings from Programme Towers (Lists, Wittering & Sponsors Department).

Couldn't help becoming mildly optimistic when putting together the latest league table offering and felt the need to share this, er, 'infographical insight'.

As you can see - if the image has uploaded properly - there's a huge opportunity for us to make a bid for promotion by beating the many mid-table teams around us.

Better still - THEY'RE ALL HOME TIES. Look at 'em all.

Even better still, these are all sides we've already visited and come away undefeated from (barring Weston, the most aberrational of aberrations).

Also, we've already beaten all of the bottom sides at home already - so we can travel to those grounds with some confidence.

Add to that our two most matches have seen us post wins against top eight sides, for the first time this season, and, well, my glass is definitely half full. This season could really hinge on our home performances from hereon. Yes, all a bit statto I know - but real grounds for optimism.

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