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Re: Braintree Town WON 3-1

Postby deadly » Sat Dec 02, 2017 6:07 pm

Comfortable win in the end. 3-1 Should have had at least 4 goals to the good. Mustn't grumble though.

Today’s attendance: 861

Now Wealdstone are only one point off a play-off spot after today's results.
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Stones 3 Braintree 1

Postby worruz » Sat Dec 02, 2017 6:32 pm

Great win. So much for bring happy with a draw :lol:

Sat back a bit 2nd half but they didn't really get behind us in the last 20 or so.
We're creeping up there
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Re: Braintree Town WON 3-1

Postby BornundertheElmslie » Sat Dec 02, 2017 6:34 pm

Proper statement of intent with that performance and result today. The difference in this squad is massive compared to the early weeks of the season. In the space of 4 days we have beaten Chelmsford away and Braintree at home, 2 side who have been big favourites for promotion. Those results alongside wins over Truro and Welling and a draw away at Dartford. For me, today cemented our position as not just promotion candidates but title contenders.

First half we just didn't let Braintree play. A good side like them will always get chances but if we'd gone in 4-0 up at the break they couldn't have complained such was our dominance. They enjoyed a decent 25 minutes in the second half as we sat off, stopped pressing and let them play but were so well organised we snuffed out any chances. No surprise our intensity dropped off given the game on Wednesday night.

1 point off the play offs, 7 points off top spot. Big game at Concord on Saturday which could see us move into the top 5.
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Re: Braintree Town WON 3-1

Postby Dave Reader » Sat Dec 02, 2017 6:35 pm

Great win today. As good as Braintree looked going forward they gave us far to much space at the back. Impressive win today with three regulars sidelined. Our last four games against fancied teams and we haven't lost any of them (two in the trophy). Incredibly we are only four points off of second spot yet we are eleventh....UTS
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Re: Stones 3 Braintree 1

Postby Dave Reader » Sat Dec 02, 2017 6:37 pm

How tight is the league thought we are eleventh yet only four points off of second
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Re: Stones 3 Braintree 1

Postby deadly » Sat Dec 02, 2017 7:00 pm

Selected Tweet reports:

Team v Braintree: North, Olomowewe, Brown, Wilson, Day, Williams, Sellers, Okimo, Fitchett, Green, Eisa. Subs: Goodger, Benyon, Well'ard, Shaq, Witchelow.
Off and running here at The Vale. Stones in blue, Braintree orange.
Not sure who scored, bit of ping pong after a Sellers long range effort. Who cares, 1-0 Stones!
Sellers hits a half volley from near the half way line that takes a huge deflection off the Wealdstone No. 2 and ends up beating Nathan
8| GOAL Toafiq Olomowewe
Good work from Green brings a Stones corner. Poor delivery, easily cleared. 1-0 Stones
Braintree player charges through unopposed but his effort his blocked. Corner. Back post delivery headed wide. 1-0.
Braintree player booked for diving in the box.
Dangerous ball in the box by Braintree brings a corner. Chance leads to an easy North save. 1-0
Brown gives it away with a sloppy pass, chance brings a save from North down low. 1-0
Brilliant point blank save from North. Still 1-0 but Braintree looking the more dangerous.
Goal Fitchett!!
Long ball, defender fails to deal with it and Fitchett pounces to beat the keeper 1 on 1. 2-0 Stones!
Ball across the box dealt with by North. 2-0
Eisa fouled about 30 yards out. Was last man but quite a way from goal. Just a booking. 2-0
Green curls a long range effort well over. 2-0
Should he have seen red? @braintreetownfc survive as @Wealdstone_FC close in on half time lead
Ball in the box falls straight to Eisa, but he misjudges and the chance goes begging. 2-0
Fitchett brings a save from the keeper, rebound falls to Sellars but he knocks it wide. 2-0
2 added
HT 2-0 Stones. Feel there's more goals in this game yet.
Today’s attendance: 861
Goal straight into the 2nd half! 3-0!
Sellers cross, keeper punches away to Green who curls in beautifully. 3-0!
Another great point blank save from North. Rebound blasted miles over. 3-0
Braintree with a counter attack, but a terrible shot goes wide. 3-0
Through ball to Eisa but keeper comes out well to save. 3-0
Goal Braintree. Looked like an own goal. From a corner. 3-1.
North handball outside the area. Booked. 3-1.
Low free kick, good block from Eisa. We've invited them back into this. 3-1
Good pressure from Braintree brings a corner. Knocked wide. 3-1
Harry and Shaq on, Fitchett and Sellers off.
Day long range shot held easily. 3-1
Williams off Wellard on
Braintree long range effort well wide. 3-1
Olomowewe with an effort just wide. 3-1
3 added
All over, 3-1. Big 3 points. UTS.

Last 10 matches form guide: ... -guide/ten

Attendances: ... ttendances

League table: ... ague-table
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Re: Stones 3 Braintree 1

Postby John Young » Sat Dec 02, 2017 7:04 pm

Excellent win Northy Brilliant,Green super goal and hard working Fitchett netted with a good finish. Braintree looked decent going forward but a bit toothless in front of goal. They say winning becomes a habit may this carry on with the Stones. I am enjoying the football being played and look forward to each game now. Players are now showing what they have and there appears to be a really good team bonding and that is down to Bobby Wilkinson.
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Re: Stones 3 Braintree 1

Postby charlie » Sat Dec 02, 2017 7:14 pm

A few of us thought .missing Eddie/Cox/Tiryaki ..we will be lucky to get a draw to-day.

How wrong were we!!

Luke Williams was action man, man of the match for me... Bobby s Team are marching on.
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Re: Stones 3 Braintree 1

Postby kwilks » Sat Dec 02, 2017 8:06 pm

Fantastic performance from the boys today. We capitalised on a poor Braintree performance first half to go 2 up. The 3rd goal just after half time was crucial, and although we were under the cosh for most of the second half where it appeared almost like Braintree had fielded a completely new eleven to run us ragged, Stones defending all over the pitch was just awesome. For half an hour in that period I haven't seen a stones side press each opponent on the ball so intensely for years. It can't be underestimated how important a couple of Northy's saves were today which could easily have turned the game in a different direction.

This was another game managed superbly by Bobby, and a lot of credit must go to him for this victory. It's clear that he's got all of them grafting on the pitch, regardless of each players position, and this fact culminated in a performance with the whole squad and management playing together as a sold unit. Fantastic to see.

Of course without wanting to put the kiss of death on it, or getting carried away, with now being only a point off the play off zone and a few points off the top of the table, we have a good chance of getting into the play offs.

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Re: Stones 3 Braintree 1

Postby The Guvnor » Sat Dec 02, 2017 8:32 pm

Just woken up in Adelaide to see the score and I'm proper happy.

I can see where this team is heading and expect to win every time we take the field nowadays and I still think there is more to come from us.

As I said yesterday its this time of year when budgets start to really kick in and whilst BW is doing a fantastic job it would be much harder if he were doing it on shoestring.

Maybe some players who were out yesterday might not get back in that easily.

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