Abysmal. Stones losing 0-3 when I left.

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Re: Abysmal. Stones losing 0-3 when I left.

Postby 08masonl » Tue Jan 02, 2018 12:13 am

When we get battered by havant and then crash out of the cup to Hereford, how much time will BW be given?
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Re: Abysmal. Stones losing 0-3 when I left.

Postby timfparks » Tue Jan 02, 2018 2:12 am

I was one of the (very) lucky ones yesterday, having to work also and it maybe gives me a less jaundiced view of our prospects. Although the last game I saw was against our nemesis St Albans so maybe I’m still a bit traumatised.
But here goes.
BW’s tactics of hitting the channels quick and hard, getting defenders to turn, isn’t working. As someone already pointed out on here, the quality has to be there otherwise it’s just hit and (no) hope. We must put a playmaker in the middle and not bypass him, spreading the play to either flank.
It’s not in BW’s DNA but I’d play wing backs in new man Schuster Johnson and Ryan sellers, playing Eddie, Mr T and matt Day in the middle, and in front of them centrally Danny Green and jerome, with Dave Pratt, Abs Eisa and Mustafa up front. It would give us potency and balance on the flanks, plus creativity and a real attacking threat.
Matty Whichelow would be in the mix too if fit, and perhaps jerome into the back three if Wellard or Cox upped their game sufficiently.
Look at those names. All excellent footballers. There is NO REASON we cannot get our mojo back. It just needs a bit of tinkering...
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Re: Abysmal. Stones losing 0-3 when I left.

Postby Ronnie » Tue Jan 02, 2018 7:25 am

Likewise, easy to try and be more positive having luckily not witnessed yesterday's shocker.

Only a few weeks back I was chatting with others saying how refreshing it was to be looking forward to footy again. That was before Concord. So we need to turn it around again, give Bobby some time methinks. Not rose-tinted, of course I have concerns, let Marsden manage the situation as he sees fit. Same for those organising the Hereford match, it would be good to show some support from time to time rather than shoot down in flames.
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Re: Abysmal. Stones losing 0-3 when I left.

Postby John Young » Tue Jan 02, 2018 9:28 am

Yesterday we set up with 3 holding midfield players in Cox okimo and Steph, so no width or anyone in the middle to control and pass the ball. That seemed strange and negative as at home. All those having a go at Pratt want to remember how they complained about the ball being hoofed for Benyoun to chase nothing changed just personnel. Need to get back to settled side and players playing in right positions. Wichelow added some more bite to forward line when he came on . Team to play Hereford North , centre backs Okinfenwa and oshodi left back okimo right back Wilson holding mid Cox midfield 3 green centre wide Wichelow and Eisa centre forwards Pratt and Teriaki. With Wellard as option to come on to control midfield. Need to get back to passing game rather than kick and chase.
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Re: Abysmal. Stones losing 0-3 when I left.

Postby charlie » Tue Jan 02, 2018 9:31 am

Tim, You are not a journo for nothing, You paint a great picture of our world class players!!

Hampton manager quick to respond to Beavers win but nothing from BW. It maybe that our usual helper was not in attendance, the tannoy
was eerie quiet yesterday.

Guvnor said "I can see us winning more than losing".. or words to that effect !

Seems a month is a long time in football to completely change that view. Unless personnel additions its not looking rosy.

John Young.. Pratt is Cup tied.
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Re: Abysmal. Stones losing 0-3 when I left.

Postby Elmslie Ender » Tue Jan 02, 2018 9:34 am

Whilst there is ire at tactics, management etc, let's not forget the very basic errors for Hampton's goals yesterday. Players have to take responsibility as well. It isn't all down to tactics etc.
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Re: Abysmal. Stones losing 0-3 when I left.

Postby timfparks » Tue Jan 02, 2018 10:19 am

I’m sure the players do accept responsibility. But little changes in their roles are a good way of changing the mindset when you are losing.
Imagine being able to have Matty Whichelow playing wide left and standing his crosses up for Tiryaki and Pratt (non Trophy games obvs); or Eisa galloping after Ricky Wellard’s exquisite passes. It is the combinations we are getting wrong. Little things. One slip changes everything and in quite a few games last autumn they went in our favour.
It’s not easy and we’re all hurting- but please stay positive. See you all at Havant & W!
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Re: Abysmal. Stones losing 0-3 when I left.

Postby BornundertheElmslie » Tue Jan 02, 2018 11:26 am

Wilkinson's interview is now online and worth a watch. Doesn't pull any punches about our defence..

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Re: Abysmal. Stones losing 0-3 when I left.

Postby Dave Reader » Tue Jan 02, 2018 12:10 pm

Honest appraisal and sounded as bemused as us supporters over what is happening. Onwards to Havant.......UTS
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Re: Abysmal. Stones losing 0-3 when I left.

Postby Stones Throw » Tue Jan 02, 2018 12:19 pm

Whilst I have some sympathy for the management, due to a few untimely injuries, it could easily have been 6-0 yesterday (and we would still have been flattered with the score). Yes the players were at fault all over the pitch, but the managements heads went down as quick as the players. A well known voice from the other side of the ground had to point out that if we had any hope of injecting some urgency into the 2nd half they needed to get a ball on to the pitch after it had been smashed outside the ground. I could hear nothing for most of the 2nd half from the touchline.. who had given up there? It took us 65-70mins to realise we needed to change the personnel and alter the backline, when I thought it was obvious from inside the first 20-25 mins things needed to change. With the post (twice) being our only defender of note and Hampton missing a free header from inside the six yard box the final score could have been 6-0 and this forum would have been a blood bath and this topic would no doubt beaten all recent records.

Bobby's interview said some of the things you would expect after an embarrassment like yesterday. Everyone who stepped onto the pitch yesterday had a bad game. I remain yet to be convinced we have the right formula for progressing, but time will tell.
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