Match Day Admission + Season Ticket Charges 2018/19

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Re: Match Day Admission + Season Ticket Charges 2018/19

Postby BornundertheElmslie » Sun Jul 08, 2018 1:48 pm

Elmslie Ender wrote:Season ticket sales numbers being bandied around yesterday were around 380, so c25% down on last season but still probably our second best sales ever.

Some of that will be down to no longer offering free season tickets to u14s because they get in free on the gate anyway. However it means we now have no idea who these u14s are and can’t upsell them to paid season tickets when they hit the right age as they are anonymous and we have no data. The ideal solution would be to restart the Junior Stones for u14s, sign them all up, give them a free season ticket and offers/rewards for attending games to encourage them down to The Vale every week. An upsell to a paid season ticket when they hit 15 would be straight forward.
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