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Personal statement from Peter Marsden

Postby Stones_News » Wed Jan 16, 2019 8:20 am

"Last night at about 10 pm I was telephoned by our manager Bobby Wilkinson who in turn had been told by Nick Symmons that in a motion of 'no confidence' I had been voted off as Wealdstone chairman in a conference call 'Board Meeting' held between Rory Fitzgerald, Nick Symmons, Dominic Whyley and Mark Randall with I believe Jon Pettifer not being in attendance but giving his proxy vote to Nick Symmons. Neither myself or David Hawkins was on the conference call. The outcome of the conference call being that I was voted off as chairman with Rory Fitzgerald being voted in as the new chairman and Mark Randall as new vice-chairman. 4 voted me off and there was one abstention.

The first official notification I had was when I received an e-mailed minutes of the meeting about 1 hour later which confirmed the same.

I am still to receive a courtesy e-mail or a telephone call from any of the 4 people 'present' at the conference call Board Meeting.

Although I am technically still a director my position on the Board is clearly untenable and I therefore feel I have little choice but to immediately resign from the Wealdstone board. I know that my friend and co-director David Hawkins will also be tendering his resignation. I will also no longer be providing any financial support to the club as I am clearly not wanted.

It is I suspect well-known to most fans that there have been friction between myself (and David) and the rest of the Board so it is perhaps no great surprise what has happened today. In fact I have seen it coming for months.

There have been various incidents in the last few days which have exacerbated the situation which I would now like to comment on as I feel all Wealdstone supporters should know.

The first incident was the usual testy Board Meeting held about 1 week ago in which I outlined my plans for funding the rest of the season (please note this comes after I put £50,000 in to the club in December as shares and David put in £10,000 as shares too). In respect of a projected need for £80,000/£90000 to be put in to the club to take us until the end of the season (I suspect we will run out of money about February / March) I suggested that I would be responsible for £25,000, David would put in another £10,000, we could be reasonably confident of getting at least £10,000 from one of our players who was attracting the attention of League clubs, upon taking advice from Mark Randall I thought it would not be inappropriate to ask the Supporters Club and the supporters in general to chip in a reasonably modest £15,000 and I then asked the rest of the Board to cover the remaining £30,000. I was advised by the individual Board members that although my scheme was indeed quite fair they would not personally put in a penny. I then asked if they would put in a lesser figure and again it came back a resounding 'no'.

The second incident was on Friday when the Board advised the manager that his budget was to be cut by about £800 pw (which in fairness is something I support). Bobby then announced his team for the next day at Concord which admirably came within the budget but Bobby (and myself) then faced a torrent of abuse from some on the Board because a) some of 'their' favourite players had been omitted and b) to keep within budget Bobby was only fielding a bench of 3 subs. I also understand that on Saturday morning one of the directors then put pressure on the management team to field one of their favourite players even though it would then mean the budget would be exceeded by about £300/£400.

The third and most recent incident involved our successfully negotiating with Barnet FC to have ex-Maidenhead goalscoring phenomenon Dave Tarpey join us on a 28 days loan for an amount which was less than half his weekly wages at Barnet. The whole cost of the 28 days loan (including NI) was being funded by some of our supporters (as shares) so would have put no financial constraint on the club whatsoever. This 28 days loan would have covered the period until Bradley Bubb returned from injury. It is well-documented that we have been creating lots of chances recently but could do with a lethal goalscorer and I suspect Tarpey would have been that player. I feel sure that the signing of Tarpey (and for effectively no real cost) would give all our supporters something to rejoice and could quite possibly propel us back in to a play off place.

I was therefore very disappointed to find that other than David Hawkins nobody on the Board would back the Tarpey loan signing. In fact if I could share the following e-mailed comment from one of the dissenting Board members "it may result in getting a few more goals and points and possibly in to the play offs, however we can't afford to go up".

I would also like to make known the following:

Excluding myself and David Hawkins the rest of the Board have according to Barry our Treasurer put in to the club as shares during the period 1st June to 30th December the princely sum of £22,630 of which £13,700 was actually shares purchased and £8,930 work done or expenses incurred on behalf of the club which was then converted to shares. I am therefore at a loss as to how they think they will fund the rest of this season and the season thereafter especially as they intimated at the recent Board Meeting that they were unable or unwilling to inject any more money.

It is also a matter of public record that the amount of money I have put in to Wealdstone (all as shares) has been extremely generous and positively dwarfs anything that any of my predecessors as Wealdstone chairmen have put in. As well as funding a more competive playing budget my monies have also helped contribute to the building of the new stand.

At the time of writing my shareholding is about 29% set against a limit of 33% which was pushed through (in my opinion in a manner contrary to company law) at the recent AGM by those who wanted to limit how much money I could put in to the club. I am by far and away the biggest shareholder in the club and if in future any new investors appear with a bold vision for the club and deep pockets too (sadly none of this in my opinion applies to the remaining Wealdstone board) then they will find me an ally.

I would like to sign off by saying how much I enjoyed meeting the fans at Wealdstone almost universally they have made me feel very welcome but I cannot say the same about the directors and also some of the 'old guard' at Wealdstone too who are effectively still pulling the strings even though they are not on the Board. In fact within their number are some of the most odious individuals I have ever met. No doubt they feel the same about me !!

I also fear for our manager Bobby Wilkinson who I suspect is next on the Board's 'hit list'.

Good luck to Wealdstone and I would reiterate that the club has huge potential but you can only help people who want to be helped."

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Re: Personal statement from Peter Marsden

Postby Ronnie » Wed Jan 16, 2019 8:46 am

Let's hope there's a Plan B. Also that BW is true to his word, and I'll quote - "If the chairman goes, I go, f*** the contract".
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Re: Personal statement from Peter Marsden

Postby worruz » Wed Jan 16, 2019 9:18 am

F me

There's some sh it going down at our club at the moment.

I got a colour TV, so I can see, The Knicks play basketball!
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Re: Personal statement from Peter Marsden

Postby TwoToneStone » Wed Jan 16, 2019 9:28 am


What an absolute mess
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Re: Personal statement from Peter Marsden

Postby GingerGuy » Wed Jan 16, 2019 9:31 am

This is the first post from "Stones_News", who joined this morning, as far as I can see.
Where does this information come from?
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Re: Personal statement from Peter Marsden

Postby attic » Wed Jan 16, 2019 9:36 am

GingerGuy wrote:This is the first post from "Stones_News", who joined this morning, as far as I can see.
Where does this information come from?

Its authenticity is genuine.
The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it.
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Re: Personal statement from Peter Marsden

Postby charlie » Wed Jan 16, 2019 9:53 am

Wealdstone (shoot itself in the foot) football club.

What have you done ? You have lost the benefactor you were looking for with your daft .no one person can own this club.

Prepare for mass exodus of players/manager. The return of Gordon Bartlett and Ryman South football in two years.
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Re: Personal statement from Peter Marsden

Postby HammeredWasp » Wed Jan 16, 2019 9:53 am

From the man himself
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Re: Personal statement from Peter Marsden

Postby The Guvnor » Wed Jan 16, 2019 9:53 am

Something had to give, we couldn't go on as we have been but the timing of it has taken everyone by surprise. We would hope the new board have thought this one through and contingency plans in place to replace the lost revenue that PM provided. The one fact that is indisputable is that PM has put a lot of money in, maybe his decision making and leadership skills can be called into question but he did his bit financially. Expect to see a few of the ex board members who were either ousted or resigned come back onto the scene now so interesting times ahead. Of course this now leaves BW looking very vulnerable as it was probably only PM that was keeping him at the club. Remember that PM brought BW to the club without the consent of any other board member and I don't think I'm speaking out of turn by saying non of them would have gone for him.All change.
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Re: Personal statement from Peter Marsden

Postby attic » Wed Jan 16, 2019 9:59 am

I think it was inevitable that something major was about to occur. The silence was deafening and the conjecture levels were at fever pitch. All I hope for the new EXB is that they have a viable plan to fund a competitive team at this level. No doubt Rory as Chairman needs to be given a chance to speak and I personally expect him to announce a meeting asap. Maybe after the Hungerford game. He needs to clarify everything thats happened and how he intends to run the club in the future. The obvious fear is that we've effectively gone backwards to the type of board that was effective at Ryman level. I don't like the way that this has occurred. Its obviously some kind of coup but this is big business and sadly things like this happen.

I personally thank PM for the time and money that he's invested into the football club. I've no doubt he is a good man who simply wanted to help Wealdstone achieve its potential. He believe that we could make the next level. Do the new EXB??

Over to you gents.
The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it.
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