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Postby Big Phil » Sun May 05, 2019 7:53 pm

Literally 20 minutes a bridge too far for us today .We deserved to win but unfortunately in life you sometimes dont get what you deserve.Cannot fault the spirit,determination,etc People talk about the first goal but to me the killer was the 2nd. We gave away a stupid free kick near the corner flag and did our usual bit of arguing about it.To their credit Woking realised what was happening and took a very quick free kick which left us static and totally exposed and the rest is history.Being alert as we should have been things may have ended differently,but hey,not to be.I totally agree with what someone said that Jeff after the injury appeared to be totally out of it,as was Jake to a certain extent but appeared to have had to keep them on the pitch instead of being able to replace them.
Now for rebuilding for next season.Looking at some of the rumours on here and firstly BW and Aldershot.If true and that Aldweshot may get a reprieve to stay in the conference will that be too much of a temptation ?.Did we see the last of Northy at Bath.? Are we going to be able to keep Stevens and Poku ?. I just have that feeling there are going to be so many ups and downs before next season starts.
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Re: Woking 3-2 Stones

Postby BuzagloBoy » Sun May 05, 2019 8:14 pm

Bad luck Wealdstone. You've got a decent team and manager but didn't quite have the size of squad to get you to the promised land. Was convinced we'd blown it but some of your players could barely move at the end. Seems to have been a bit of bad blood between the two clubs which I don't quite understand. Some of ours are a bit precious and don't like it when a traditional fan base turns up at Kingfield. Anyways, you lot can be proud of your team who gave us a huge fright.

No problems with your guys at all. Good luck next season.
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Re: Woking 3-2 Stones

Postby TalkinStone » Sun May 05, 2019 8:18 pm

A monumental effort but a bridge too far. Them pulling a goal back was always going to shift momentum but I really thought we’d hold on and get through to the final.

There were undoubtedly a couple of players who went into the game struggling and that plus the lack of options from the bench cost us. My understanding is that the budget BW ended the season with was pretty much the budget set at the start of the season but who knows. Cox and Bubb, both high earners, being injured and out of favour, would have an impact on available funds and squad strengthening post Xmas.

BW has worked wonders with a tighter squad and athe club needs to try and keep most of the players that ended the season and try and build around them.

Days like today are what EVERY Stones fan wants so let’s do whatever we can to get behind BW and the Board and go one better next season.
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Re: Woking 3-2 Stones

Postby John Young » Sun May 05, 2019 8:30 pm

A big decision not made by the ref in the 1st half , when Pratt was through and last defender took him out from behind and didn't even get booked. We should have been playing 10 men for 60 minutes. That apart our first half was fantastic and we played some lovely football. I thought they had run out of ideas but the first goal boosted them and seem to sap our energy. A fantastic effort by all players and management team all should be proud of the achievement. Yes next few weeks massive for the board , a realistic budget has to be given to the manager to compete in this league. If they haven't got the money they need to find investors and let the fans know so work can be done in that department. A bit of open honesty will go a long way. Up the mighty mighty stones.
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Re: Woking 3-2 Stones

Postby Seriously » Sun May 05, 2019 9:23 pm

BornundertheElmslie wrote:
Elmslie Ender wrote:
BornundertheElmslie wrote:..and a very poignant interview from BW post match that is worth a listen. When asked about when pre-season starts, he says it starts when he's convinced the board's ambition matches his. Some good conversations but needs to be convinced the board want to go one step further. These next few weeks are critical, do not let all this hard work on the pitch be in vain.

He clearly needs to have a competitive budget and his stock will be high due to our run into the play-offs. Presumably decisions need to be made quick or you run the risk of losing your star men.

And if he goes because the board can't provide it, forget about getting a top replacement in. That will be a very damaging message. Massive few weeks ahead.

I'm not going to put the boot in the board as I have done. If the above scenario plays out then others will do that for me. There's a growing concern that we are struggling to retain players in spite of the bullshit being peddled elsewhere. Running an aspiring club at this level is not easy and can not be financed by supporters.

If I was Bobby Wilkinson I'd be weighing up my options.

Re: Woking 3-2 Stones

Postby timfparks » Sun May 05, 2019 11:00 pm

What an amazing couple of weeks. From the despondency of the home defeat by Dulwich to the highs of Bath and the opening hour today... what contrast!
I was watching that first half today with a mixture of pride and admiration, remembering how we’d fold against any half decent side not so long ago. The way our midfield got around and in amongst Woking, constantly denying them space while protecting the ball and playing clever little triangles ... it was inspiring to watch. I have no doubt that a fully fit squad (with the effective three week rest Woking have had since securing second place) would have held out for another 2-0 win as we did at Kingfield earlier this year. We had their number, and they knew it.
Christian Smith’s loss was crucial - he was dealing with their giant centre backs and once he’d come off it was a waiting game until they capitalised on a string of corners. Every one hit the same area - should mark Scott have come and claimed the ball on his six yard box?
That first goal was instrumental as they had run out of ideas five minutes earlier ....Now they saw salvation and their clever sub Hodges bought a foul from freddie’s legal challenge and then slipped the ball to an offside Hyde. The linesman was confused by the speed at which it happened, the ref waved an advantage and the shot left Scott flat footed.
Front that moment, as everyone seems to agree, we were a spent force and I doubt we’d have survived extra time. We need to see the video to watch just how the winner came about, but it was no real surprise ... just heartbreaking after the anticipation of victory just ten minutes earlier.
The Woking fans loved it. So would we had the roles been reversed and I make them favourites to beat Welling and secure promotion as they have several ways to win a game.
As for us... the anomaly of having an (ultimately) successful season means that your players become desirable and attract offers. Should we stick or twist? I’d be surprised though if this group didn’t want to stick together for another crack at the play offs and once one or two put pen to paper the rest will largely follow. It’s going to be a fascinating next episode in the wealdstone soap opera. Keep watching!
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Re: Woking 3-2 Stones

Postby Dave Reader » Mon May 06, 2019 7:18 am

What a great fortnight or so it's been as a Stones fan. Qualifying on the last day of the season then that superb night at Bath and then for 78 mins were in complete control. Mayhem then ensued and I think Wednesday nights heroics just caught up with us. Heroes one and all and gave us a fantastic end to the season. Thanks lads.....UTS. The twat Josh Casy giving us the ssshhh after their third goal means I will have my Welling hat on next Sunday . Roll on next season
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Re: Woking 3-2 Stones

Postby attic » Mon May 06, 2019 10:38 am

Video highlights here:


Definitely takes some stomach to sit through but I do think our players will be a little disappointed with a couple of the goals conceded, heavy legs or not. Headed goals conceded from inside the box definitely an area where we could improve.
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Re: Woking 3-2 Stones

Postby FGW » Mon May 06, 2019 11:20 am

Can't add much more to what has been posted above...

Scarf(s) & hat(s) in to the wash in readiness for next season - Season Ticket purchased :shock:

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Re: Woking 3-2 Stones

Postby Pieface » Mon May 06, 2019 12:25 pm

Done us proud in the end,a good start to next season should begin with the return of our quartered blue shirt,lets get our identity back.
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