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Bobby and his team

Postby russpa » Tue May 07, 2019 3:45 pm

I cast my thoughts back to a late August day in 2017 when at the gate i was stewarding and two gentlemen who now i know as Bobby and Mike P arrived and asked to be directed to the boardroom. This was the start of the end for Gordon Bartlett who knew it was business driven now results and he would face the music if things were less than desired. So a few days later he was in place. Why was he chosen well maybe because of what he had achieved with a smaller team and budget and what his focus was and his views and targets. And has he delivered ?

He did not have his own players and made the best to bring in who he could and start the process of building a team. He got that side to close to a play off place and semi final in the FA trophy which i am sure the chairman would have thought a good start.

This season with his players may not have been pleasant in many games , he was unlucky with injuries and also cuts to the spending, but he did manage to do what was expected and get WFC in to the play offs, we were never going to be league champs against a full time Torquay side even the rest of the league knew they were far superior but what he did do is take a group of players who were dwindling by the week and managed by all means including a bit of luck with late results getting them to almost reach a play off decider for promotion.

There were many and i say i too who thought and aired that he was not going anywhere with this team and they were not producing and yes poor home form and a couple of poor months and knock out of the cup early but they got us to a play off semi and on fumes they were in it together and fought tooth and nail.

A couple of fresher players and our unlucky keeper being in the side could well have had us at Welling on Saturday.

Yes he had a large budget for a big period by so did Billericay and so have many others and they did not reach their targets.

Whether you like him and his team or their morals and ethics they delivered and some. The highest league placing for many years.

Now it is time for the club to back them if they still have the ambition and can find the finance.
Don't think for a moment players should stay for less and play on as this is money they get to provide to their lives and families , none of us would take pay cuts at work that would be detrimental to our future our bills , i am sure others could have gone elsewhere for money but they chose us with the amount that was offered, GB had to work hard to sell the club with little money and had heartache after heartache. Football and the money it can bring to players is short with the career and i would not begrudge any one of them getting what they could with also giving back to the club with commitment and passion to that club.

Bobby and his team behind him will be sought after and some by many other clubs now just on what he did with what he had available from the last few months onwards

He says he is a winner and an achiever well he got Hungerford from no place to a play off spot and has done what he was asked here even though it may not have been pretty. So it is now down to others to make next season a big one or a struggle because he will and rightly so want to improve himself and his management and because he has delivered it will definitely be noted.

“I want to make it clear, that this isn’t a decision I have taken lightly, I have never quit before.” he said just on leaving Hungerford, it took something he could not turn down and that was what WFC offered him. A chance to do something special and with backing to help.

So a smaller budget a new manager and a lesser side or make every effort to reach a sustainable competitive budget and a manager who would be looking to improve even more well i hope the latter is possible, as most people have seen over the last couple of weeks something very special happen and they want more much more of it.
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Re: Bobby and his team

Postby attic » Wed May 08, 2019 11:26 am

A very fair agenda free posting Russpa. There will always be some who simply don't like the manager's personality and will therefore judge him harshly. A small minority of others have not got over GB's departure and will never give the new man a fair crack of the whip. Those who are able to be even handed are perfectly within there right to question his football management ability of course. I believe BW has stated he has 'unfinished business' with Wealdstone so this suggests he wants to go one better next time and maybe feels that he still has a point to prove in getting the club promoted. My own assessment is that he's starting to deliver what he said he would and certainly deserves another season. Gone are the days when Wealdstone teams used to play pretty but ineffectual tippy tappy football and get bullied off the park by limited teams. It's become noticeable how other teams management and supporters have commented on the physicality of our side. So that part of our game which is vital for success at this level is developing well. Of course you do need a little more finesse and you could argue BW has started to get the best out of Danny Green by playing him in a more advanced role. His main bugbear has been procurement of centre forwards of which for various reasons just have not quite worked out. I think its universally accepted that had we possessed even just one 20 goal a season man then the play off's would have been reached in far less dramatic fashion.

So he's a strong character who divides opinion but hes a football manager not a drinking buddy. Just judge him on what he achieves rather than his persona.

And talking of the context he operates in this has hardly been stable during his first year and a half in charge has it? The power struggle at boardroom level, the lack of cohesive vision as to where the club is going. We've generally had a play off budget yet its no secret that parts of the board (rightly or wrongly) would rather get the infrastructure in place before throwing money at a promotion push. So what is his job description exactly? Expectation from the terraces has been equally divided and illogical too. Some have demanded he reached the play offs yet the thought of the Conference National filled them with dread. I do think though that the last few games have seen something of a change of attitude to the next level up. Big, games, big crowds, decent stadiums. Segregation means that we're all together and making more noise. Its a big ask of the club to compete at that level but as has been suggested several times the big time brings the best out of Wealdstone FC.

Lets hope BW has a competitive budget next season, a fairly settled team and is able to add a decent forward or two to our squad.
The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it.
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Re: Bobby and his team

Postby A right charlie » Wed May 08, 2019 2:19 pm

I am not the biggest fan of Bobby Wilkinson to be fair as Attic says its the personality allayed with the fact that we should be achieving higher with the wage bill IMHO, the lack of offensive nous drives me mental
& I feel BW runs his forwards into the ground, we need a striker who plays between the lines, not someone who runs his bollocks off then has'nt got the clinical composure to relax find space & score, not the players fault, just the way we are set up. Giving 110% is an absolute given at this level & fine lines win matches, what the manager does to affect change during the course of a match is paramount and we have been found wanting in this department, that said, the manager has managed to create a Siege mentality in the later part of the season & got a tune out of the players, so for me they under achieved early in the season, it has been enjoyable on the whole & I hope the manager can create the same mentality next season as we saw in the latter half.UTS.
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Re: Bobby and his team

Postby Stoney Ground » Wed May 08, 2019 7:07 pm

As I have said all season the minimum acceptable finish on the budget and money spent this season was a playoff position.
So congratulations to Peter Marsden, Bobby Wilkinson his management team and the Board of Directors.

The players deserve a lot of plaudits for the way they have dug in since the New Year and rescued a season that was petering out after the Xmas, a couple of poorer displays against Hampton and Dulwich looked to of consigned us to mid table (which I felt was about where we were at as a team) yet they regrouped and surprised me and proved me wrong.

The trips to Bath and Woking were immense, but unfortunately we ran out of steam.

Looking at the season as a whole, we were obviously spending far to much early on and some board members felt this had to stop. In my opinion the budget was not spent wisely and I have mentioned on here before about why I thought that, but overspending early was the main reason we were lacking numbers and quality once the purse strings were reigned in.

It is important we keep the majority of the players we want to, but they need to realise that we don’t have a bottomless pit of money. So contracts need to be structured better so as not to be in the situation where we are paying good money for players not playing, due to either injury, poor form or out of favour.

Bobby has mentioned in interview about the club meeting his ambitions, he has known his budget for next year for a few weeks now. I understand he couldn’t say anything whilst our season was alive, but hopefully he has told the club the players he wants to retain and given them an idea of who he wants to target for next season.

I don’t think his budget will be as high as this year unless further investment comes in over the course of the summer, so he knows how he needs to cut that cloth. If he doesn’t think the club can match his ambition then he needs to stand down and find somewhere that does, but I’m not sure who that would be as a few clubs that he may have gone to have appointed new managers. I know Aldershot are still looking, and Billericay haven’t sacked Wheeler yet but what are his options Welling or Woking if they don’t go up.

It’s good that Jerome has committed and it’s important we get a few more on contract for next year, but hopefully all signings are with Bobbys blessing.

We don’t want to be in situation Hungerford found themselves, where he leaves a few games in to the season and takes players with him, far better he goes now or gets on with it and keep proving me wrong.

If he does stay, good luck for next season and well done in the end.
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Re: Bobby and his team

Postby Tonyd » Wed May 08, 2019 8:07 pm

Good post Don. Sound objective analysis
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Re: Bobby and his team

Postby West End Stone » Wed May 08, 2019 9:42 pm

I think The Bobby has earned the right for another year. Have to say I was getting ready to see the back of him when we ballsed up at home to Dulwich. That was it. Done. Over. New manager needed. Is he a lucky manager? Course he is!!!!!
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Re: Bobby and his team

Postby ALAN COUCH » Thu May 09, 2019 6:50 pm

For the record, we only had one player suspended all season and that was following his two cautions in the match v. Woking in January.
We did have one player sent off (straight red card) but he was NOT suspended following a successful appeal against the dismissal.
I wonder how many other Clubs in our League had only one suspension all season ?
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Re: Bobby and his team

Postby BillyByrneFan » Thu May 09, 2019 9:44 pm

Yes Alan, I was talking about this subject with a fellow Stone.We had forgotten those incidents but considering what "bullies" we were during the season it's a good record.
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Re: Bobby and his team

Postby attic » Thu May 09, 2019 9:53 pm

BillyByrneFan wrote:Yes Alan, I was talking about this subject with a fellow Stone.We had forgotten those incidents but considering what "bullies" we were during the season it's a good record.

Being physically stronger than your opponents usually means you don't have to constantly foul to win the ball.
The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it.
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Re: Bobby and his team

Postby russpa » Fri May 10, 2019 6:49 pm

What do i know eh
oh dear.
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