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Postby middxbrains » Wed Jun 12, 2019 11:06 am

Hi all,

As those of you on twitter may have seen, due to ever evolving work / retirement / new child commitments there's a push on at the moment for some new recruits to help out on the matchday pop-up bar.

For the uneducated among our number, the bar offers a point of sale for various match related necessities (details below). We've 'negotiated'* that the bar closes 10 minutes before kick off so no longer do willing volunteers miss the often enthralling start to matches and it's a handy way of greeting / abusing paying punters as they arrive in various states of sobriety on a Saturday afternoon. All training is available on the job (we'll show you how the till works).

Taking the job spec from our glorious Leaper leader (still think he was robbed of the managers job):

"Fun loving, enthusiastic person required for flogging award winning programmes, match tickets, pre-order half time drinks and Predict a score. We are a diverse, inclusive go ahead team to work for. We will consider applications from all.

Benefits of being part of the award winning 'best programme seller in a non turnstile environment' team include the reflected glory of serving your fellow supporters, having the ability to refuse to sell the programme to under 18s without ID, priority service @RuislipSC bar.

To those deliberating over whether to volunteer at our match day pop up facility but not sure if they can commit to every game, we are able to job share this role. You will not miss any of the game as we close 10mins before kick off. Apply today here or via LFM @RuislipSC . Do it

..We'll throw in a heavily discounted onion & cheese roll if it helps sweeten the deal.
Apply today for the matchday pop up crew, full training given. Be part of the glamour of 1st team men's semi pro football! We used to be known as Bobby's 12th man (that included @SallyAxtell)

Be at the very heart of the social whirl on a match day @RuislipSC .The pop up bar and grille needs more volunteers to help the ever expanding role that it plays making the customer experience one that is unrivalled at this level of football. Apply via LFM or see any of the team"

If standing around having a chat and serving the odd person whilst helping raise funds for the social and football club as well as reducing the queue for the bar at half time sounds like your kind of thing, drop me or Chelski Reject a PM on here or on twitter and we'll guide you through the rather relaxed application process.


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