Meet the manager part two

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Meet the manager part two

Postby attic » Sun Jul 21, 2019 2:18 pm

Moderately attended but an interesting half an hour or so. As public persona seems to matter an awful lot to some then
Dean Brennan will have no problems here. Comfortable in front of an audience and able to raise a few smiles too. Onto the nitty gritty and he seems satisfied with how pre season has gone. Wasn’t overly happy with aspects of the performance against Chesham and gave the impression a few hopefuls may have harmed their chances of making the squad. Reiterated his desire to play attacking football and to put the opposition under pressure from the off. He's clearly looking to strengthen up front too. Is desperate to build a team that supporters will get behind and appears not to be overly concerned about the ‘Wealdstone factor’ as far as the nature of our crowd goes. In fact went as far as suggesting there are loads of players wanting to play for a ‘proper club’ like us. So maybe the alleged negative impact of sections of the crowd has been little more than an excuse for poor performances down the years. Think his most interesting point was the take on salary expectations from some players and the downward escalator as the months progress. Ie in April they are worth/demand £1000 a week. By June this is down to £700. By late July it’s something of a crash down to £300. Guess
It’s a balance of risk management for clubs. Strike early and you get the player but may have paid over the odds for someone who for whatever reason won’t perform. Leave it too late and you are scrambling about for the rats, mice and odd unpolished gem.

All talk of course, let’s see how things turn out when the real action starts. Good luck Dean and Stuart.
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Re: Meet the manager part two

Postby The Guvnor » Sun Jul 21, 2019 3:14 pm

I suspect he's one of those who tell it like he sees it, good or bad which is definitely a good thing. The worst thing that BW did was try and pull the wool over the fans eyes and yes some did fall for it. I can see for myself if we are playing badly and don't want to be told at the end of the game which we fluked with a last minute winner that we were always going to win. I prefer we were poor and got out of jail today, and we'll try everything in our power to make sure we dont perform like that again. Most fans are not fools no matter what some players and managers might think. I also felt the club seemed a lot more relaxed and more like its old self yesterday, so we can already see the impact of the new regime in place.
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