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Postby worruz » Thu Jul 30, 2020 4:56 pm

attic wrote:I'd still say Shilts should have at least put Maradona on a stretcher when he came out to clear the ball away. Something akin to Schumacher on the French bloke would have been the order of the day. I was always a big Shilton fan but its fair to say his legs were starting to creak during that period.

I've heard this many times over the years and never understood it. If he'd done that they'd most likely have got a penalty and we'd be one nil down anyway.

Also, a ten years younger Shilton wouldn't have got there. He was going from a standing start. Maradona was on a run having beaten a couple of players and laid it off. He continued his run so had momentum. He was always getting there first and was the only one on the pitch who would have. None of his team mates or England's defenders got there either don't forget.
If any England player should be criticised for that goal its Steve Hodge. What the flip he was doing attempting an over the shoulder back pass on the edge of his own box instead of just belting it off the pitch I'm not sure.

He admitted his own stupidity in that documentary about the game 4 years ago on the 30th anniversary.
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