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Re: Game off!!!

Postby charlie » Sun Oct 04, 2020 7:18 am

As a true Blue Tory Bananas ...You sure do love giving mixed messages.

Who told you to type the last message ?
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Re: Game off!!!

Postby Bananas » Sun Oct 04, 2020 9:39 am

charlie wrote:As a true Blue Tory Bananas ...You sure do love giving mixed messages.

Who told you to type the last message ?

Fcuk me Charlie, don't say our beautiful friendship is going to end on such a bitter note...
I've been called some pretty horrible things in the past (and most of them are true), but that's a bit strong! ;)

Anyway, must dash, Mr Putin is on the phone. This club isn't going to agitate itself.
Just because you come from Wealdstone it doesn't mean you are a horrible b*stard - it's just considerably more likely that you are.
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Re: Game off!!!

Postby suttonstone » Sun Oct 04, 2020 11:09 am

byronpark wrote:If you bother to look around you will find that a number of other local clubs albeit in lower leagues had their games postponed, ie Oxhey Jets where games are very rarely called off for a waterlogged pitch.
the rain over night was torrential after heavy rain all day Friday, there wasn't enough time for that amount of rain to drain away. Unfortunately we don't own the ground so are limited to what we are allowed to do.
Work has been done over the summer with a new drainage ditch, but how much money do want to spend on a perfect pitch against having a playing squad that can compete.? There will always be a problem because the
whole site slopes down to dead fox corner and the original drains laid are not good enough. Having said that our pitch is in far better state than when we originally moved into the Vale.

So, if the drains are not good enough, it doesn't seem that a new drainage ditch would make any difference if the water cannot get off the pitch. Or is this ditch at the top end of the ground, trying to prevent water running into the pitch?

Does anyone know what the club's view in on the drainage situation? They seem to implicitly reject the Bananas approach...
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