Wealdstone v Stockport County.

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Re: Wealdstone v Stockport County.

Postby TalkinStone » Tue Oct 13, 2020 1:46 pm

3 really tough games coming up, all at home but without crowds the advantage is likely to be a lot less than with 1500+ under lights at The Vale.

If we could get 3-4 points from these games that wouldn't be a bad haul for me. It feels like we really need to win one of them, losing all 3 would start to crank up the pressure although given the tough start there would still be plenty of opportunities to start picking up points as long as confidence doesn't get too big a dent.

The next two are proper toughies but Maidenhead showed last night that you can nick results against the fancied teams.

I expect a few changes tonight to freshen it up and address some of the learnings from Saturday. Big game.
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Re: Wealdstone v Stockport County.

Postby Royal Blue » Tue Oct 13, 2020 2:01 pm

Both our games so far have been tight, marginal. I don’t expect this one to be that different. Whilst Stockport are being talked up, they lost their first away game this season 1-0 to Torquay. Boost if we’ve got Stevens back.

Chances will come, got to take them. That was the difference between Wrexham & Maidenhead last night.

Such a shame we can’t pack out The Vale and cheer the boys on. Remember the roar when Lench stuck that penalty away against Woking under the lights? Defeating - heard miles away.

Anyway.. be confident Wealdstone, you’ve got this and we are with you. 2-1 Stones, Parish with the winner.
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Re: Wealdstone v Stockport County.

Postby attic » Tue Oct 13, 2020 2:21 pm

Getting done by the odd goal here and there (as happened Saturday) usually doesn't damage confidence too much. Its those 3-4 goal dickings like we took against Bromley, Hampton and St Albans at home during our first CS season that really kills confidence. What was first passed off as a 'bad day at the office' soon turns into a fully blown crisis.

Get the feeling we should actually do okay against those teams that might try and play some expansive football.

Think we'll get something tonight.....
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Re: Wealdstone v Stockport County.

Postby deadly » Tue Oct 13, 2020 4:54 pm

Yup, another tough, tight game but fingers crossed that the game play is more akin to that against Yeovil than against the Daggers.

One bit of news today is that the National League have confirmed that Macclesfield will not be competing this season and that only three teams will be relegated instead of four....should points be at a premium this season, that decision could prove to be vital.
Then again, following the decision by many non league clubs in Scotland suspending themselves for the season due to not being allowed to let in fans, merely keeping Wealdstone alive may be more important.

Anyway, I will be glued to the box tonight.
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