Aylesbury Vale Train Fares

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Aylesbury Vale Train Fares

Postby RAYNERS BLUE » Tue Oct 13, 2009 3:30 pm

Okay, I understand Aylesbury Vale Station is closest to the ground, one stop beyond Aylesbury. Only one train an hour goes here:

Dept Harrow-on-the-Hill 09:09, 10:09, 11:09, 12:09 Journey time 55 mins to Aylesbury Vale
Dept Aylesbury Vale 17:27, 18:27 Jouney time 52 mins to Harrow; 19:46, 20:46 Jouney times 63 mins (hangs around in Aylesbury).

Fares from Harrow to Aylesbury Vale:

Billy No-mates Anytime Day Return:

Billy No-mates cheap-skate day return:
LU Return Harrow-Amersham £2.20 (Oyster Card)
Amersham-Aylesbury Vale Anytime Day Return £9.40

Billy No-mates I work in London Annual Gold-Card or Network Card day return:
(If Billy has mates they can travel with him for the same price (max 4 adults) kids go for a £1 (max 4 kids)

Billy and two mates (Group-Save 3 ticket anytime day return)
£25.35 (works out £8.45 each)

Billy and three mates (Group-Save 4 ticket anytime day return)
£25.60 (works out £6.40 each)

:idea: :x

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