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Re: Mission Impossible Fans Night

Postby hillsy » Thu Oct 22, 2009 11:58 am

Why dont you just say that the hall is not available until 6pm. I'm sure it wont put people off THAT much.
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Re: Mission Impossible Fans Night

Postby Wobs » Thu Oct 22, 2009 1:03 pm

hillsy wrote:Why dont you just say that the hall is not available until 6pm. I'm sure it wont put people off THAT much.

It all depends upon what the customer is hiring the hall for.

If supporters are allowed to use the hall until 6pm then that probably means that it wouldn't be cleared and tidied until about 6.30pm for the hirers. Many parties in the hall start at 7.30pm and it's probably not realistic to expect people to have such a small window of opportunity to decorate, bring food in, lay food out, set up disco etc etc.

The income from our Saturday night hires (hall hire, bar spend, food spend) is probably the single most important line on our income balance sheet. As an estimate, I would say that the Social Club income from Saturday hires is about 2.5 times the matchday income from WFC.

Leo who is Ops Manager continues to try and keep all customers happy with a sensible balance. Some hall hirers e.g. Wedding Receptions will be allowed access to the hall from early in the morning which means no access at all to the hall for WFC on matchdays, other hirers are allowed access from 3.15pm which means WFC can use up until kick off, other hirers will be allowed access from 4pm which means we have half time usage.

One difficulty we have is that sometimes we take bookings and deposits well in advance (we already have bookings for next June and July) and so this inevitably means that we don't know whether WFC will even be at home on the date in question. Had we been drawn at home to Boro in the Trophy then that would have been interesting as we have a busy day in the Social Club with an outside booking'

Sorry to give such a long answer.
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