Wealdstone 2 v 0 Cray Wanderers

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Wealdstone 2 v 0 Cray Wanderers

Postby russpa » Sat Apr 13, 2013 4:22 pm

A workman like performance
Scott and Chris up front looks a blooming partnership
With age comes experience and Again i must say at 39 Scott McGleish has some engine on him a very fit footballer
Early doors from a long Banks kick beat the last man and clinical finish
Good goal by Moore in the second half to calm the nerves
Play offs now all but certain
Hope we can build on this performance for the run in
Great save By Rikki Banks from the penalty Cray got and he played well throughout and some wonderful distibution
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Re: Wealdstone 2 v 0 Cray Wanderers

Postby timfparks » Sat Apr 13, 2013 6:46 pm

Certainly an afternoon that put the feline among the Trafalgar Square feathered variety.... Stoft and concord, with tricky games to play and a hectic schedule, are suddenly going backwards and if we can keep doing the sensible stuff second place is in our own hands. Four points from the trips to boggy Hampton and fired-up carshalton will leave us needing a win over Lowestoft to make runners up spot a certainty... And we can achieve all that by being solid, unspectacular but clinical as we were today. We got lucky with the pen (moral there Wes: just knock it out) and banksy's save was well desrved for a towering performance.
It's looking good all round. Bloody exciting too! UTS
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Re: Wealdstone 2 v 0 Cray Wanderers

Postby charlie » Sat Apr 13, 2013 6:56 pm

With Alex and the Welsh Wizard to return its all nice.

Banksy MOM performance..... game changer, Pen save, and Makes first goal.

The Stones Choir in fine voice !!!

Fingers crossed no injuries- We have some great options.

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Re: Wealdstone 2 v 0 Cray Wanderers

Postby attic » Sat Apr 13, 2013 9:31 pm

Very satisfying win today in slightly tricky conditions. The obvious positive today was the form of what must surely be our best combination up front in the form of McGleish and Moore. Both got on the scoresheet again and both put in a decent all round display including defending from the front which takes the pressure off the midfield somewhat.


1) Banks 7 Saved a penalty and assured in goal. Must stay number one now.
2) Hammond 6 Some moments of inspiration but a howler too. Would be automatic choice if he cut out the latter.
3) Chappell 7 Not bad for a bloke who could barely move just a week ago! Got forward well, unlucky with a fierce shot.
4) Parker 6 What was you doing for the penalty Wes! Other than that, kept them at bay.
5) Locke 6 Stood in for Cronin and a steady performance.
6) Oleary 7 Signs of getting back to his best today. Vital this continues.
7) James 6 Steady performance but seems to do better coming off the bench.
8) Bailey 6 Has some quality and showed it in fits and spurts. Dark horse who may prove to be the answer.
9) McGleish 8 Cracking all round display of forward play. Held the ball up, defended, caused problems, scored.
10) Moore 7 Starting to show what he can do at the right time. Vital he carries this on.
11) Pett 7 Buzzed around and a thorn in their side all afternoon.


Dean 7 Good little cameo on the right hand side. Showed energy, got crosses in, should he start here?
McCubbin 7 Another good performance from the bench. Did well in central midfield.

The team is shaping up nicely as we line up for what is considered 'final approach'. Theres 8 or 9 definite starters out there now with possibly only the right back, right midfield and a central midfield position to finalise.
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Re: Wealdstone 2 v 0 Cray Wanderers

Postby West End Stone » Sat Apr 13, 2013 10:56 pm

Can only concur with the appraisals of our two forward players today. Hungry for the ball, hard working and taking their chances in clinical fashion. For as popular a player he is, its sadly looking like Richard Jolly is going to end his career at Wealdstone out of sight and out of mind. Or will there be a final twist to his story?
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Re: Wealdstone 2 v 0 Cray Wanderers

Postby RAYNERS BLUE » Sun Apr 14, 2013 2:17 am

3 points, clean sheet (oo-er) we won. job done. :D
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Re: Wealdstone 2 v 0 Cray Wanderers

Postby chelski reject » Sun Apr 14, 2013 7:15 am

M & Ms proving the perfect sugary sweet of choice for Wealdstone. Both getting a goal each again.

In other food related Wealdstone news, the WFCSC BBQ did a roaring trade for the pre Wembley Wigan fans. Thanks to all that helped out. Part 2 today, any extra helpers can still come along.
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Re: Wealdstone 2 v 0 Cray Wanderers

Postby The Guvnor » Sun Apr 14, 2013 11:08 am

Couldn't get there yesterday but a solid win and obviously other results going our way made for a good day for the club. All about that 2nd place now and realistically its us or Lowestoft now. They have to fit in 6 games in the last two weeks and starting Tuesday have 5 consecutive away games which does include a trip to our place on Tuesday week which looks more and more like a cup final as the prize is massive. Very much in our hands in my opinion, Lowestoft will have to overcome many factors in the next two weeks and if they do get that 2nd place they will have deserved it. We still need to resolve a few positions in our side before the play offs but there are still four games for players to stake a claim. I liked the look of the front two the other night and it seems they carried on where they left off yesterday. The goal keeping dilemma has been resolved, only the right back may change in the back four which leads me to the midfield. Right side could be filled by 4 or 5 players at present, COL i think has to start, although at times he can look poor we all know how much we miss him when he's not there. Alex if fit would play alongside him but again its a position where 4 or 5 could make a claim. The next 2-3 weeks will reveal all.
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