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Remember Them (Updated)

Postby Roge S » Sun Nov 09, 2014 7:16 am

To the memory of those representatives of Wealdstone Football Club who lost their lives in two World Wars.


Andrews, P. A fine goal scorer capped in 1911 by the County and a regular player for a number of years. Royal Air Force Air Mechanic 1st Class S/No 225242 Died 04/05/1918 Age 29 Grave III F.2. Les Baraques Military Cemetery, Sangatte, France Son of Alice and William Andrews, of Grant House, Grant Rd, Wealdstone, Middx.
Bellchambers, C. F. A former player and Official at the time of the ‘formation’ of the club in 1899, who was previously involved with predecessors of the club. Charles John Francis Bellchambers The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment) 2nd Battalion, Private S/No 207213 Died 11/10/1917 Age 35 Grave Ref VI. C. 22. Wimereux Communal Cemetery Son of W. T. and E. Bellchambers, of 23, Aberdeen Rd., Wealdstone, Middx.
Bird, C. A player in the seasons leading up to the War. No trace unless listed as Middlesex Regiment 16th Battalion Private S/No 648 Died 28/01/1916 F.A Bird(C as a nickname? – perhaps Chippy?) Grave Ref L.20 Chambrin Churchyard extension
Bowells, H. Played in the last match of the club in 1905 and to return for the first game of the reformed club in 1909. 7th Northants Lance Sergent Henry Bowell Killed in Action 27/09/1915 with 7th Northants. He enlisted in Harrow. living in Wealdstone at the time. Had previously served with Northants Regt. Worked as Warehouseman in 1914
Bradberry, R. W. A former reserve player and relation of goalkeeper T W Bradberry. Royal Garrison Artillery 301st Siege Batallion Lance Bombardier Russell William Bradberry S/No 70878 Died 03/12/1917 Age 33 Grave Ref B. 11A. Bois Guillaume Communal Cemetery extension. Lived at 44 Locket Road, Wealdstone. Was a Stock Exchange clerk before enlistment. Eldest son of Russel and Mary Rebecca Bradberry, of Wealdstone, Harrow, Middlesex; husband of Elsie Bradberry, of Wealdstone.
Cozens, W. Captain of the side in 1899, playing alongside his brother, both having turned the fortunes of Wealdstone Athletic in 1895. William Edgar Cozens who served with the 23rd Middlesex (2nd Footballers Battallion) Killed in Action 24/03/1918. Born in Kilburn.
Goodage, R. A former player. Middlesex Regiment 1st/9th Batallion Private George Richard Goodage S/No TF/1651 Died 22/11/1915 No known Grave, but commemorated on the BASRA Memorial – Panel 30 and 64
Howman, W. A former player and relation of A Team Vice Captain in 1913-14 H Howman. Walter Howman was an original recruit in the 16th Middlesex (Public Schools) Regiment. Died in Aug 1916 while apparently serving with the 1st Middlesex. No known grave, commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial
Martin, F. Joined the club as it reformed in 1909 and 1st XI Vice Captain in 1913/14. 7th Rifle Brigade Corporal Frank Tingey Martin Killed in Action 30/07/1915 Born in Harrow. Worked in Wealdstone.
Robertson, G. A former player who also joined the club as it reformed in 1909

1939 – 1945
(Following a bit more research to tie down loose ends...)

[b]Baldwin K
. A fine goal scorer, A Chelsea Amateur and a former Schoolboy international. Kenneth George Edwin Baldwin Age 25 Royal Hampshire Regiment. Killed 28/03/1945 Son of William and Elizebeth Jane Baldwin, of Watford, Hertfordshire. Killed in Western Europe. Last played Feb 3rd 1945.
Bidewell R. Another former player who had remained with the club until his call up. Lance Sergant Robert William Bidewell, Age 25 4th Battalion Dorsetshire Regiment Killed 25/09/1944 in Western Europe, Commemorated in Holland. Son of Harry and Eva Bidewell, of Watford and husband of J. W. Bidewell. Last played 22nd April 1944.
Bunce C. E. A former Captain and an outstanding player who would have gone on to better things had he returned from the Far East. Lance Corporal Charles Ernest Bunce, 1st Battalion Cambridgeshire Regiment Killed 25/06/1943 in Malaya aged 30. Son of William and Alice Bunce; husband of Irene May Bunce, of Watford, Hertfordshire. Last played 12/10/1940
Burton W.A. A former player from the pre-war period William Ainsley Burton, aged 48 was killed on 3rd December 1940 at Queens Park Station, Kilburn, a civilian casualty of was as a result of Military Action. (Likely to have been a bombing raid). Husband of beatrice Annie Burton of 32 Dukes Avenue, Wealdstone. Last played 15/4/1922.
Parr W. W. A professional player with a long career that guested for Wealdstone in the 1939-40 season scoring 12 goals in 19 appearances. Sergeant William Wilfred Parr was a member of the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve killed on 8th March 1942 at the age of 26 serving with 233 Squadron at the time flying Hudson bombers from Gibraltar. Son of John and Clara Parr of Blackpool.
Walker E. Initially a Reserve and then First Team goalkeeper until he joined the Royal Navy in 1940. Able seaman Eric Thomas Walker was serving on HMS Cromer a Bangor class minesweeper sunk off Mersa Matruh, Egypt on 9th November 1942. He was killed at the age of 24.
Winterbottom W. A A former Reserve player and Committee Member. We have found no record of W A Winterbottom killed on active service and believe he would have been a civilian at the time of World war Two, likely to have been killed in similar circumstances to W A Burton.

Also to the memory of those Players, Supporters and Officials connected with Wealdstone Football Club who have passed away since its inception.

Remember them when the whistle blows.
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Re: Remember Them

Postby quadrophenia » Sun Nov 09, 2014 3:05 pm

Nice work Roger!
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Re: Remember Them (Updated)

Postby Roge S » Tue Nov 11, 2014 10:40 am

Age comes to those who wait.
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Re: Remember Them (Updated)

Postby Carly » Tue Nov 11, 2014 1:18 pm

Would be a nice touch to get this in our next programme
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Re: Remember Them (Updated)

Postby northoltstone » Tue Nov 11, 2014 3:02 pm

Wow, fantastic reading well done.

Re: Remember Them (Updated)

Postby contents may settle » Tue Nov 11, 2014 11:55 pm

Carly wrote:Would be a nice touch to get this in our next programme

Our roll of honour is always in our programme for the game closest to the 11th and has also featured in our pre season memorial programme for the past two years.

This year may be slightly different in that the entire football community will be remembering its fallen on Saturday 6th of December as part of the FA's 'Football Remembers' initiative.
Make sure you pick up a copy of the Programme as it will feature some exclusive historical articles.
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