Stones 1 Ebsfleet 2

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Stones 1 Ebsfleet 2

Postby PA peter j-b » Sat Aug 22, 2015 4:00 pm

We went a goal up but lost the lead in the 2nd half.
Can we not knock it?
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Re: Stones 1 Ebsfleet 2

Postby Uncle Jack » Sat Aug 22, 2015 4:45 pm

One word. Relegation.
Uncle Jack

Re: Stones 1 Ebsfleet 2

Postby Dave Reader » Sat Aug 22, 2015 5:28 pm

Not sure how to summarise this one. We matched them first half to go in a goal up but second half it was obvious who is full time and get to train together every day and who is part time . Beaten by what I thought was a very organised and pro outfit who should be among the favourites this season. As for us the next two games are against sides that should be more our level and if we can put in 90 mins on Saturday on a par with today's first 45 then we should see some points...UTS
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Re: Stones 1 Ebsfleet 2

Postby timfparks » Sat Aug 22, 2015 5:40 pm

Uncle Jack wrote:One word. Relegation.

One word. Complete and utter arse.
Oh dear UJ, that's four words isn't it?
You clearly have little grasp of the game. Why not lurk on someone else's forum?
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Re: Stones 1 Ebsfleet 2

Postby timfparks » Sat Aug 22, 2015 5:52 pm

I'm not an apologist for anybody but I hope everyone saw how much we put into today's game. Totally drained at the end. Yes, we came up short but we actually looked very decent in the first half. Were Ebbsfleet just playing rope-a-dope in the first 45, knowing their superior technique would win the day? It would be a dangerous game and I think we deserved that lead. They did go up a gear after the break and they have players like John Paul Kissock and Jordan Parkes ( both on a grand-plus a week) who will pass you to death if you step off... That's what happened, though unsurprising in 30 degree heat.
Mike Corcoran was excellent against his old club in the first 45 but he, Matt Ball and Ells just couldn't live with their movement and passing in the second half. Scott Davies came on and we were more potent, giving me faith that we can start getting wins on the board in the next few games.
Ebbsfleet are a League Two side, quite frankly. We are Vanarama South. Amd we'll stay there.
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Re: Stones 1 Ebsfleet 2

Postby charlie » Sat Aug 22, 2015 5:57 pm

Game of two halves.. We were the better team first half....I ll just repeat that!!!!... We were the better team first half.

But second half usual suicide early doors, then could not get the ball for love nor money.

Surprise team selection from GB and co dropping Wright/Lucien and being bold with potentially three forwards.

Come on ""Connor Calcutt"".. YOU can do better than that today !!.... Mind you, even Big Jeff was off his game a wee bit.

Carl Martin... With his horns commitments looks as if he s gone west?

But Do not worry my fellow FORUM FRIENDS.....We ARE on target for 10 games without a win, thereby beating last years record.

As the programme notes said, at the start of this season." At least we are a lot wiser this year, after last years experiences.
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Re: Stones 1 Ebsfleet 2

Postby BornundertheElmslie » Sat Aug 22, 2015 6:38 pm

Really disappointing outcome today, we proved first half this team has real ability but fundamentally failed from the first minute after the break. Great first half performance, we retained and moved the ball really well. Thought Hudson-Odoi was dynamite and Ball was excellent too. Urquhart at left back had a top game and looks a shoe in for that position now.

Deservedly took the lead with a great goal from Hudson-Odoi but you could sense the nerves at half time. Ebsfleet immediately took the game to us and we crumbled. Errors all over the place, failed to make more than 2 passes and continually gave the ball away. Scuffed clearance straight to Jordan Parkes who probably couldn't believe his luck as he slotted home for the equaliser. Looping header with a defender on the line creeps into the top corner and we're 1-2 down. Awful.

We then sat deep and just let Ebsfleet take control. No pressing (we're not fit enough to do it), no urgency. There were times when the visitors were stroking the ball around for 4 or 5 minutes without us getting near it. Just couldn't cope with the pressure. No action from the bench until 10 or 15 minutes remaining, after which we started to get back into it. But always too late.

The lack of any real pre-season for most of the squad means 1 point from 15. Forget "bad luck" we're simply not capable of playing at any real intensity at this level for 90 minutes, certainly not enough to win matches. Bath was very similar, great 70 minutes or so, fell apart in the final 20 and they took control. We were blowing from the start of the 2nd half let alone in the latter stages.

As for Ebsfleet, they should be smashing teams off the park in this league with their budget and resources but they aren't. That's their problem though. As for us, changes are needed - Parker is solid defensively but yet again consistently gave the ball away. Same as last season. No composure, just lumps it aimlessly. Calcutt is either unfit or not interested in playing for us; we saw last season he's good enough but I thought he was shocking today. Disagree about Corcoran too, I was a fan of his last season but he was terrible today, another one guilty of being unable to keep the ball. Positives though with the performances from Urquhart, Ball, Hudson-Odoi and even Godfrey. Would like to see Binns down the left with Hudson-Odoi switching to the right and Cadmore slotting in alongside Hamblin.

Such a shame that our ridiculous pre-season is costing us points, question is how much further damage is it going to do?
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Re: Stones 1 Ebsfleet 2

Postby The Fat Man » Sat Aug 22, 2015 7:55 pm

Losing one player is making a difference to this current side - Cronin. I understand he is now back at RPL level. He really would be able to still do a job for the club.

I couldn't make the match today for medical reasons, but I hope the club start to pick up points soon.
The Fat Man

Re: Stones 1 Ebsfleet 2

Postby torben » Sat Aug 22, 2015 8:04 pm

Agree with most posts here apart from uncle jack who has lost the plot. Great first half and the team put in a good shift. But energy and hard work does not match up to an organised and effective full time outfit. They had a good period after half time when they passed around us well, they were very good at keeping the ball and we just could not get the possession. That said i thought we could have nicked a draw. All but Connor played their hearts out and i am not concerned or worried about the results. Having seen the team in the league games i am sure that they need to settle as a regular 1st team and then all will be ok. GB always adjusts 4-6 games into a season.

For the record i stayed back a while and some players took time out to chat to fans about the game which i really appreciate and respect. We are a part time outfit with no sugar daddy and limited to no funds to do anything. Lets be realistic here folks.

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Re: Stones 1 Ebsfleet 2

Postby attic » Sat Aug 22, 2015 8:14 pm

Missed our opportunity to sneak a point or better today. Yeh, so our visitors were packed with pro's, have a wage bill thats probably five times ours. Suck it up though Wealdstone, you are in with the big boys now, so need to start to compete with these types of team. What hacked me off today was some of our basic decision making and at least one way too easily conceded goal. Other than that we huffed and puffed and scoreline wise did not disgrace ourselves.

However, some are in the business of trying to distort and dress up the facts, but I'd like to see anyone trying and defend our home record of which is quite simply a disgrace. Very little point in pointing the finger at the commercial team etc when the most important marketing component simply isn't delivering any value at all for home crowds.

So.... P5 W0 D1 L5. Exactly the kind of outcome that our preparation indicated. However, and again, if you are one of these who is in the business of trying to rose tint everything that moves you should probably look away and find a cloud to stick your head in. Half the reason why our pre season was so poor is that most teams with a budget more appropriate for this division already had their squad signed and lined up by early July. Yet again, GB is forced to scratch around for players during pre season and take other clubs cast offs. So there's an element of professional negligence when it comes to letting players go on holiday or play when they can during pre season. GB has to take the blame for this. However, the fundamental problem is higher than GB. We all know the board have pushed the boat out budget wise and may feel that I'm being unfair. However, we've moved from Ford Focus money to Ford Mondeo money which is a start. However, we really need to be looking at BMW 5 series money.

So moving on, who is the best man to improve things? GB, without a doubt. I still back him to turn things around in the next few games. At least one win out of the next two games needed to prevent us from become rooted at the wrong end of the table. Clear out the non hackers, and believe me theres a few, get the likes of Binns, Davies and Cadmore fit and playing, and things are looking up.
The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it.
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