What An Amazingly Intelligent Kid!

What An Amazingly Intelligent Kid!

Postby Windermere Bore » Tue Mar 24, 2020 3:25 pm


...and as for The Sun having this type of stuff, words fail me.
I used to get teeth-gnashingly bored explaining the same stuff to idiots, day after day, on the same route, in six months as a tour guide... so Richard Dawkins going over the same stuff, to even more micro-cephalic imbeciles, every ruddy day for forty years, suggests... errm... I was going to say "divine intervention", but that might not be the appropriate phrase.

*The sprog isn't a genius and he does disintegrate progressively as the interview moves from fairly abstract concepts to specifics, but I'm still amazed.
*And nobody's summed-up Brexit as well as Dawkins does here... and, yeah, what he says is exactly what I said immediately Cameron called that referendum.
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