No To Hull Tigers

No To Hull Tigers

Postby ruisliptiger » Mon Sep 30, 2013 11:58 pm

Below is a message I have placed on many other team forums. However, Wealdstone is one of those clubs who may empathise more than most, with the turbulent time you've had over the last 20 years. I respect the fact that in spite all the upheaval, you've managed to maintain your identity and history. I would appreciate it hugely if you could help us keep ours by following the links below. Putting business before History and Community is a trickle that is turning into a landslide. First Wimbledon, then Cardiff and now Hull City A.F.C. This needs to be stopped.

Feel free to take the piss. After all that is one of the reasons English football fans is the best in the world.

However, just remember. once one domino falls the rest will follow. If the footballing world had idly sat back and shrugged when MK Dons was formed it may have become the norm. As it was it was made know in no uncertain way that it was the sort of thing that should never happen again. This is not just a fight for Hull City A.F.C fans. This is a fight for fans of all British footballs teams. This should not be allowed to become the norm. The fans should have the final say on what their club is called. If this is allowed to happen to Hull City A.F.C then what next? Leicester Foxes? Cardiff Dragons? Watford Hornets?

If you are against the idea of Football teams being turned into nothing more than a business then make a small gesture by joining this group. The more support from other Clubs we get then the stronger the campaign will be. There will be opportunities in the future to contribute in some small way.

Do it for the good of all Football


Thank you for your time.

Re: No To Hull Tigers

Postby Stone Rose » Tue Jan 07, 2014 4:01 pm

They sound like American football teams!
Stone Rose

Re: No To Hull Tigers

Postby northoltstone » Tue Jan 14, 2014 3:10 pm

just watching sky sports allam will walk if the f.a. fefuse name change. :shock:

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