Stones 1-0 Hereford

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Stones 1-0 Hereford

Postby BornundertheElmslie » Sat Jan 13, 2018 6:01 pm

Excellent result, great performance. Wilkinson got the game plan spot on, defensively we were superb, so much so that I don't think North had a save to make. Once we went 1-0 up we were happy for them to keep possession whilst remaining organised and they struggled to find space.

Seemed to be lots of moaning and groaning from their fans on Twitter about the red card. I can see why as Stones Goals doesn't capture the moment their defender pulls Fitchett back, there is another defender blocking the view. The main video will show it. We were standing on the side and it was a blatant pull back on Fitchett's shoulder. He was clear on goal so why would he go down? Linesman got it spot on.

Crowd of 909 but looked 1,200(ish) with as suspected, a much smaller Hereford following than their club predicted. Stood down the side 2nd half towards the Bulla and the stand was half full at best.

Last 16 awaits, winnable home draw please. Wemberlee...!
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Re: Stones 1-0 Hereford

Postby Dave Reader » Sat Jan 13, 2018 6:11 pm

Excellent win and performance. For me it made a difference playing players in their favoured positions. Eddie at CB was immense and with Jerome superb at left back we looked solid and balanced as a team. Cox was able to be effective as the holding midfielder and constantly broke up play ably supported by the excellent Wellard and Green. Whiceleow showed what a good player he is. We looked a good side again today, well done boys onwards to the next round and then Bognor.....UTS. Not forgetting Hampton Tuesday night...
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Re: Stones 1-0 Hereford

Postby The Guvnor » Sat Jan 13, 2018 7:06 pm

Unfortunately not able to be there today but a great result and hopefully we can build on that and start to move up the league again.

Followed on twitter and to be honest it was less nerve racking than it usually is because Northy didn't really seem to be doing a great deal.

A few changes at the back and a clean sheet so again hopefully we've found the right formula and can build on that too.

Teriyaki back and Pratt to come back in next week so grounds for optimism.

All eyes on the cup draw of course on Monday.

Do we make the 2nd Saturday of January St Wellards day ?
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Re: Stones 1-0 Hereford

Postby charlie » Sat Jan 13, 2018 7:21 pm

Ricardo Wellard razzle dazzles the middle of the park. Saves these performances for the Trophy.

Should have been 2/3 goals up at half time.

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Re: Stones 1-0 Hereford

Postby Elmslie Ender » Sat Jan 13, 2018 7:29 pm

Team selection was spot on today. Cox as holding midfielder with two footballers next to him meant that we kept the ball a lot better. Okimo superb at left back. Hereford started very well but once the sending off happened, which was 100% correct as was clearly a pull on his shirt, we dominated the first half. Sat back second half, but North didn't have to make a proper save all afternoon, though his handling was immaculate.

Okimio, Wellard or North could easily have been MoM, which went to Eddie.

Crowd given as 909 but talk in the bar that it would be upgraded to over 1,000, with around 300 Hereford fans in attendance. Hereford are used to bullying opposition clubs, but we weren't (their board boycotted our board room as their fans weren't allowed into our bar) , though our stewards were racially abused as was Olomowewe. Philistines but what else do you expect from Yokels?

Spennymoor or Workington away next round please.

PS: had we been in the the stand formerly known as the Bulla, it would have been rocking second half.

About 70% of the Middlesex CC first team in attendance and Steve Finn's snapchats today were about the scenes at the end :D
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Re: Stones 1-0 Hereford

Postby timfparks » Sat Jan 13, 2018 7:30 pm

Love that Guv :)
Ricky was excellent today; shows what happens when you have someone to distribute the ball properly- and a trademark header to win the game. In all honesty we had chances on the break to have won by three or four goals, Eisa unusually wasteful while Dan Fitchett had a great chance one on one that could have put us 2-O up at the break after possibly our best 45mins under BW. The sending off was spot on but it should have been two reds had Eddie rolled around after that horrible challenge at the end - it says a lot about Oshodi but nothing for the ref who booked our players for breathing.
And great to have a ‘proper match’ on our turf. Credit for Hereford for turning up, good natured and in numbers and backing their team throughout, while our support was noisy and passionate too.
Real buzz after the game with youngsters chanting wealdstone songs in the back streets of ruislip!
Well done to all re the organisation of the game with HFC bringing enough (425) to make the style of segregation sensible.. even if Hereford fans were complaining about the insufficient and poor catering and being unable to use the bar. A conundrum that might be better addressed the next time we face proper opposition at the Vale.
Roll on the draw and congrats to every one of the squad - brilliant today
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Re: Stones 1-0 Hereford

Postby attic » Sat Jan 13, 2018 7:50 pm

We needed that win so badly today. And we got it. Not perfect by any means but you could sense the desire to win a mile off. Players won their personal battles and immense credit must go to the back line for some excellent defending. Headers won and interceptions made. Oshodi was signed as an athletic centre half and this is where he must stay now. Ditto Okimo. Signed as a left back and let's keep him there. Did everything a left back should do. Didn't sell himself and more importantly didn't flinch when it came to making challenges. This also meant Cox had sole responsibility for the midfield anchor role. A responsibility he clearly warmed to. Going forward definitely more of a threat with Whichelow back although also helped that we kept the ball on the deck quite a bit more than usual. Thought we kept our heads and didn't resort to needless hoofing. Maybe though, they didn't press us quite as hard as a lot of conference clubs do?

Decent crowd too. Looked well over 1000.

So things looking up again after today. We've certainly restored straight and level flight. Just need to start getting back to wining ways in the league.
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Re: Stones 1-0 Hereford

Postby BillyByrneFan » Sat Jan 13, 2018 9:26 pm

Well, who saw that coming? The last couple of weeks with our form, their form, segregation doubts and the roof departing, it was all a bit gloomy. I woke up this morning and had that fizz of match day excitement which hasn't happened for a while. I felt if the boys were up for it, it was down to 11 v 11 on the pitch, then I saw the starting line up. The anticipation and hope went up a few notches. Once we kicked off and Hereford weren't the team of supermen we were dreading and our formation and game plan was working it became very enjoyable. With. as Attic said, players winning their separate battles, have we had a blip and back on track again or is it a one off? Very happy to be in the draw after the last couple of weeks. COYS!
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Re: Stones 1-0 Hereford

Postby Royal Blue » Sat Jan 13, 2018 9:32 pm


Loved that. A superb afternoon at the Vale and the best £13 for a tonic I've ever spent.

Parked in a side street and immediately ran into some lairy Hereford. They started on someone close to the ground but the Met were immediately on hand to deal. Once inside, a crackling cup tie atmosphere as the players emerged and expectations high. Well high in the sense that we wouldn't completely f**k it up.

Good job it was segregated. I can understand why they were hacked off about the lack of a bar but not sure how that would have worked/been safe. One to work out for the future.

Defence - a CLEAN sheet. The basic building block for success. Okimo great, Oshodi a giant (seemed to grow 3-4 inches) and North's handling sublime, especially in the air and under pressure from some Hereford units. Day, on for Wilson (injury?) did what he does best, winning those long ball headers, every time. Olomowewe also did his bit.

Midfield - yep, Wellard the star. Got the ball on the deck and passed it around beautifully first half. Not to say that Cox and Green didn't put in a shift. They all worked their nuts off and it was great to see. Nothing was left on the pitch and we wanted that. The Wealdstone fans sensed it and made some real noise. Wellard's decisive goal a beauty, their keeper no chance and cue an outpouring of joy and relief that had been building up for weeks.

Attack - again, worked hard and looked threatening but not clinical. There was Fitchett's one on one and as others have pointed out, Eisa, wastefully developing. Witchelow was a menace. Great to see Tiryaki back in play and a feel that he has bought into Wealdstone - a funny moment with the Wealdstone fans when he waved the Hereford fans away, big grin on his face.

Well done to BW & co for changing it up, securing our goal and a much needed win. Also to the club for everything else.

Nice one Wealdstone, into the last 16!
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Re: Stones 1-0 Hereford

Postby Proper Not Happy » Sat Jan 13, 2018 9:45 pm

Don't know why Sellers was dropped he's the best left back we have at the club. BW seems to have his fall guys and it seems Sellers is the big one. Can't hide from the fact we aren't all that good still and struggled to beat 10 men. Good crowd even if they did have a few idiots about.
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