Graham Taylor

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Graham Taylor

Postby PA peter j-b » Thu Jan 12, 2017 2:18 pm

Dead at 72

Decent enough bloke and a great manager for Watford and a good one at Villa.

His legend lives on in my signature.

'Can we not knock it?'

Didn't he do a Sportsmans Dinner at the Vale a few years ago?
Can we not knock it?
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Re: Graham Taylor

Postby Kettering punchbag. » Thu Jan 12, 2017 6:45 pm

Met him locally a few times and he never failed to shake your hand and have a chat about the game.
A genuinely really nice bloke who was hung out to dry by the FA and along with his family, subject to absolute vile abuse and harrasment from our scum press.
I tip my hat to Luther blisset who,this afternoon on talksport , could not speak highly enough about him and the abject failure by the FA to defend him from the media at the time of his national team management.
Blisset also made the point just how badly our national press treated Taylor and that it would never been forgotten.
Interestingly,the following interviewee after Blisset was a well known sports journalist who was part of the gutter press but proceeded to tell a story about Taylor writing to him offering support when he recently had major personal problems.
It was also mentioned just how much a patriot Taylor was which is fine in my books.

RIP Graham Taylor and thanks for your service to the game and more importantly your country.
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