I'm gibbering!

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I'm gibbering!

Postby alan ainsworth » Wed Jul 16, 2014 10:18 pm

Opened my copy of the Racing Post this morning and dropped it. Twice!
I greatly admire Graham Sharpe. In the same way I admire Alastair Campbell or Joseph Goebbels. Anyone who can get the mass media to give space to the some of the pronouncements he makes on behalf of his employers is a genius. No rival comes close to securing anything like his level of media coverage.
However, I was shocked to find he'd done some real work: he'd written a piece in today's Post about Mr. William Hill. I dropped the paper.
When the piece revealed Graham Sharpe is writing a history of the company and its founder I dropped the paper again. Taxing subject... provided it's not a hagiography. No "cut & paste" involved. Deserves a Kimmage or at least a Brough Scott.
A tale of the great man restored some semblance of reality. Mr. Hill was known for his short temper and lack of empathy with slackers. The related amusing anecdote told of a young man running for the lift at Hill House. Mr. Hill was in the elevator. He admonished the sprog: "You're late! You should have been at your desk five minutes ago! If it happens again, you're in trouble! Understand?" Came the reply, "Yes, but I don't work here. I work for British Telecom." Very amusing.
The great man retired in 1970 and kicked the bucket in 1971.
The question of how many English people over fifty believe British Telcom existed in 1971 is a good one.
I'd put the figure at no more than 10%.
The proof reader or some other party may spot the deliberate mistake. Unless it's being published by John Blake.
"Stick to what you're good at" is a maxim that shows a lack of ambition.
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Re: I'm gibbering!

Postby alan ainsworth » Sat Jul 19, 2014 9:46 am

Mihir Bose.
Mihir Bose can write.
If he puts his mind to it.
Which he doesn't often do these days.
Might even think about buying that.
Graham Sharpe's genius to the fore again:
with Mihir Bose."
How did he manage that?

with Hugh McIlvanney."
Has a lovely ring to it.

I hear William Hill are offering 20/1 the double:
Scotland to vote "Yes" in the independence referendum and a claimant to the Stuart line to be ensconced in Holyrood Palace by 31st December 2015.
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Re: I'm gibbering!

Postby Kettering punchbag. » Sat Jul 19, 2014 1:07 pm

alan ainsworth wrote:Mihir Bose

now there is someone who has written plenty of bilge.
I knew sharpey,brother Barry and his parents Joy and Les years ago.really nice people but yes alan,i believe he has been led astray and coerced by others in the gambling world in to saying what they want to hear.

by the way,"Alan Ainsworth with William Joyce " sounds better. :o
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Re: I'm gibbering!

Postby tangled » Fri Aug 01, 2014 9:04 pm

Haw-haw, very funny.
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