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The Late Jack Rollin

Postby Roge S » Tue Jan 26, 2021 1:02 pm

I had the most modest of careers at Wealdstone, but the club did play a significant role in my connection with football. The first match I ever
saw was at Wealdstone, on Christmas Day 1942 against Golders Green, it was the year I returned from evacuation in Devon. I remember the
outstanding player was Golders Green’s outside-right Roy Stroud but my favourite was Len Dolding who later played for Chelsea and died so
tragically at an early age.
The first senior club ever to invite me to play was Wealdstone, ten years later in the 1951-52 season, while I was stationed at RAF Fighter
Command HQ at Bentley Priory, Stanmore. We had a right back on the camp who played for the reserves, his name escapes me now, but left-
winger Vince Hopkins an Irish lad was the one who got me interested in the club.
Vince was a real will-o-the-wisp, so small he could sleep in a telephone box – and did! We often left him in the billet taking most of the springs
from his bed and leaving him in it with the covers on, undetected. Nobody really knew what he did in the RAF.
Wealdstone were very good to him, and got him a flat and a job when he was released from the services, I followed his career for a time and
he moved to Finchley, I believe.
One game I remember at Lower Mead as a spectator was during the war. ‘Stones were playing a friendly against a team called The Thrusters,
I believe.
Wealdstone whacked them into double figures and the visiting goalkeeper was so unnerved, he ran out of the ground at the final whistle!

Jack Rollin
Former Player, Author, Book Compiler and Vice president of Aldershot Town FC

From The History of Wealdstone FC

RIP Jack
Age comes to those who wait.
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