Easter games: Bromley FT 2-2 DRAW

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Re: Easter games: Bromley FT 2-2 DRAW

Postby 61663 » Sat Apr 03, 2021 12:45 pm

It seems the club has just now actually publicised it has furloughed nine - obviously not individually identified - players.......

Better late than never in sharing this information....

With injury to Phillips, Charles’s suspension and Bowry’s return to Cheltenham one wonders if we will have sufficient available players for Monday....

Still waiting for EGM notice and confirmation of it being held on a virtual basis...
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Re: Easter games: Bromley FT 2-2 DRAW

Postby BillyByrneFan » Sat Apr 03, 2021 4:45 pm

attic wrote:Yes definitely some real aggression from their bench. I think though, this extra aggression is a feature of this level. We need to be looking at increasing our (controlled) aggression levels and physicality in general next season. Like many others Bromley were a team of giants who won the majority of headers and challenges.

Not bad today although we rode our luck a little in the second half. Thought Gondoh looked useful and took his goal really well. Also the young Hungerford lad looked full of beans when he came on. Would like to see him start against Barnet. Don't think there was any lack of effort from our team. All worked hard and gave their all.

Monday a must win regardless of present circumstances.

I guess Fasanmade hasn't played for ages, so the management are using him as an impact player for now. I'm sure he'll get his chance to start at some point.
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Re: Easter games: Bromley FT 2-2 DRAW

Postby Bananas » Sat Apr 03, 2021 9:15 pm

Personally I think there's quite a difference between the club "cutting the playing budget to 40%" and playing a match where we've only spent 40% of our usual wage bill.
Y'know, by furloughing squad players and those with injuries that are unlikely to see them fit to return in the near future etc.
Quite a distinction really.

Anyway, in times like these with the league situation clarified regarding relegation, and absolutely no chance of threatening the playoffs, the club have done 100% the right thing.
And the management team agree with it, despite it making their job a lot more difficult than it already was.
But they're making a good fist of it as Saturday's performance showed at times.
Season can't finish quick enough for everyone now. Just do a job on the cuckoos on Monday and we can all start looking forwards to next season.
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