Diana Ross Playing Goalie For Haiti.

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Diana Ross Playing Goalie For Haiti.

Postby Windermere Bore » Thu Jun 17, 2021 12:57 pm

I'll guess many of you will have seen this, but it's worth posting.


Straight from the kick-off of the 2nd half.
2nd leg of a two-legged knockout tie to get into the 8-team, 14-game :shock: :? final CONCACAF qualifying group. (Just the 5 compulsory ten-day/fortnight periods off from club duty to travel home for double/triple-headers for any European-based North American players in the coming season then :roll: )
0-0 at the time, with Canada having nicked the away leg 1-0 in Port-au-Prince. Game played in Chicago, presumably for Covid-19 reasons.

I think he's available, if the club is still looking for a keeper :lol:
He's 2nd choice at Vitoria Setubal. They probably pay wages almost as high as Brora Rangers.
They were more-or-less permanently in the Portuguese top flight, even nicking a Portuguese Cup in the noughties, but were pinged for "licensing issues" ( :twisted: £$€ :roll:) after narrowly avoiding relegation last year and demoted to the regional third tier, from which they failed to escape in the season just concluded.

Goalie was born in Canada :lol: and represented them at age group level before declaring for Haiti.
Ramon Quiroga, eat your heart out.
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Re: Diana Ross Playing Goalie For Haiti.

Postby BillyByrneFan » Thu Jun 17, 2021 1:58 pm

I must admit seeing it this morning, I suspected he'd been bought by some SE Asian betting syndicate. On closer inspection, that would be difficult to fake and look genuine.
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